About Me


Donia Abou El Hassan

My name is Donia Abou El Hassan,

I come from a Tunisian/Egyptian family that moved to Italy. Languages are the common thread running through my life. I have lived in a universe of diverse cultures and worlds since childhood. I often found myself mediating between these hugely different realities. With time, I discovered that this was my true passion. I decided to make it my profession, which I have been doing for several years.

Since 2017, thanks to my roots, my job has been to make my clients communicate effectively in different languages: Italian, Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.

Thanks to courses and experiences in numerous humanitarian and non-profit organizations, I have further trained and specialized. Today, my expertise has developed in multiple sectors, covering corporate and institutional spheres, among others.

My history

After graduating, I went freelance as a translator and interpreter. Throughout my career, I have always tried to improve and expand the services I offer my clients. I range from specialized translations (catalogues, websites, marketing material...) to interpreting services at trade fairs, business meetings, or institutional and intra-governmental meetings.

My mission is to provide precise and punctual service by collaborating closely with the customer.