Grazie Donia per la tua professionalità, davvero soddisfatto del tuo lavoro, rispettosa. Puntuale e professionale! Che chiedere di più? Davvero contento di averti conosciuto.

Salvatore Esposito

I often have the privilege of working with Donia in the English booth. A valuable, professional, and truly knowledgeable person!

Marco Saudella

Excellent interpreter and translator. She translated certificates and company documents for me. I recommend her for accuracy and care.

Monica Rocca

I met Donia at an event where she translated simultaneously: she is competent and accurate!


Donia is an excellent person and interpreter, undoubtedly the best with which I have ever worked. Not only can she translate from/into Italian, English, French, and above all, Arabic, but she also knows how to do it by interpreting moods and nuances to perfection—highly recommended!

Alessandro Mancini

I had the good fortune to meet and work with Donia in December during a distance learning course with Palestine: I appreciate her talent in combining professionalism and care with excellent adaptability, empathy, and humanity. Super recommended! Good luck.

Luca Angelozzi

I had the opportunity to work with Donia on some international events. In addition to being well-prepared, conscientious, and professional, I met a person of rare care and sensitivity. Highly recommended

Lara Maroccini

Great professional and diligent woman.

Valentina Spampinato

Over the week, Donia demonstrated a remarkable sense of service, as she was able to provide accurate translations. But, most importantly, she conveyed the real meaning of the conversation – both in a classroom context and in an external visit setting – with adequate adherence to the delegation’s comprehension needs.
Donia showed incredible flexibility in carrying out her assignment, considering the translations’ highly technical and complex subject matter and the several institutional actors with whom she had to interact.
The performance was characterized by high professionalism and self-sacrifice, which produces a high-level performance. I am completely satisfied. Donia deserves special appreciation and a word of thank you for the service she delivers.


Emilio Palmieri

Donia is an attentive, serious, and punctual professional. She has really helped me thanks to her precise translations. Highly Recommended!

Michela Solange Baiguini