Alessandro Mancini

Donia is an excellent person and interpreter, undoubtedly the best with which I have ever worked. Not only can she translate from/into Italian, English, French, and above all, Arabic, but she also knows how to do it by interpreting moods and nuances to perfection—highly recommended!

Luca Angelozzi

I had the good fortune to meet and work with Donia in December during a distance learning course with Palestine: I appreciate her talent in combining professionalism and care with excellent adaptability, empathy, and humanity. Super recommended! Good luck.

Lara Maroccini

I had the opportunity to work with Donia on some international events. In addition to being well-prepared, conscientious, and professional, I met a person of rare care and sensitivity. Highly recommended

Emilio Palmieri

Over the week, Donia demonstrated a remarkable sense of service, as she was able to provide accurate translations. But, most importantly, she conveyed the real meaning of the conversation – both in a classroom context and in an external visit setting – with adequate adherence to the delegation’s comprehension needs. Donia showed incredible flexibility in carrying out her assignment, considering…